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About Us

About Us

My wife and I are Independent Distributors of FIRSTFITNESS NUTRITION Products.  In the first 30 days of use of the XANOLEAN, RENEU, FX SHAKE, TRIMBOLIC, 8RX, AND LIPOMAX, I lost 25 lbs.  With continued use of the program, I was able to lose a total of 65 lbs. and able to keep the weight off!  I also used REJUVACEL, ZAVITA, BIOMEGA, LIFEGEST, AND CARDIO 1ST that helped my arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, prostate cancer, herniated disc, and cholesterol.  We have personally assisted many others to lose from 5 lbs. to as much as 150 lbs, keeping the weight off, and improving their overall health.  Many of our clients were helped with there diseases and other health challenges.  People often remarked that after being on the products I appear to be much younger and have more ENERGY!  All I attributed to is use of the FIRSTFITNESS NUTRITION PRODUCTS DAILY.                                                                                                                

With the success of my personal use of the FIRSTFITNESS NUTRITION PRODUCTS and other persons we introduced to the products, it has provided us with a good income from operating a part-time home based business.  The BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  available with FIRSTFITNESS NUTRITION as a home based business includes a part-time or full-time opportunity with a proven, turn-key, money-making system that is Product Driven which allows you to make more money than you can spend with no selling, no risk, and no boss. 

Whether you want a few hundred dollars each month to replace a monthly payment or are a serious-minded business-builder wanting to earn a six-figure income to fulfill your dreams, the
FIRSTFITNESS COMPENSATION PLAN has something for everyone, because it offers 8 different ways to earn income including a Mercedes-Benz car bonus.

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