Zavita Whole Body Wellness
Zavita Whole Body Wellness
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ZAVITA Whole Body Wellness is one of the best multivitamin brand and a powerful, herbal multi mineral supplement health drink enriched with 7 Botanical Wonders of the Amazon Rainforest to help strengthen and build the immune system.

Drinking Zavita gives you A Sense of Well-Being.
 There are 7 Amazon Rainforest plant species that have served as a source of remedies & medicines for the indigenous people, natives & tribal healers for centuries. These 7 special plant species are used to create the legendary "Elixir da Vida" that is the basis for the Amazon Rainforest that is bottled in our ZAVITA. It is the Elixir of Life with an exclusive high antioxidant and multi mineral supplement with a mineral rich blend from the Amazon Rainforest to reduce pain & inflammation, and provide a deep restful sleep.

The 7 Botanical Immune System Boosters are:  

CAT'S CLAW (A large, woody vine that is indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest & other tropical areas of South and Central America, used for centuries by the Ashaninka. 

 (A small tree common to the Amazon River basin, it has a long history in herbal medicine as an aphrodisiac.

CHA DE BUGRE (A small tree indigenous to Brazil that grows predominantly in the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia, Acre & Goias.

CHUCHUHUASI (A large canopy tree of the Amazon Rainforest. It is a source of phtyochemicals that activate the "Reticuloendothelial System," a vital part to build immune system. 

IPORURU (A medium-size, woody bush that grows in the lower elevations & flood plains of the Amazon River system in Peru. The leaves are used for a topical remedy for pain, reduction of inflammation and joint pain.

SAMAMBAIA (A fern that grows in the rainforests of South America as well as drier tropical forests in Latin America.

TAYUYA (A woody vine found throughout Brazil and in many parts of the Amazon Rainforest to neutralize free radicals.  

ZAVITA multi mineral supplement has Cacao Bean Extract to provide a significant number of "biogenic amines" which are natural neurohormones/neurotransmitters found in the human brain. 

DIRECTIONS:  Drink 1 fl. oz. 1-3 times daily. Serve chilled. Refrigerate after opening. A bottle of 25.35 fl. oz. retail price is $44.50

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