Lifegest Digestive Enzymes
Lifegest Digestive Enzymes
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LIFEGEST multi mineral supplement are digestive enzymes to super charge your health with every meal by promoting digestive functions while supplying powerful enzymes to help the body digest protein, fat & carbohydrates for optimal nutrient utilization to support a healthy body.

It is a multi mineral supplement to help build immune system, help prevent blood clots, bloating, gas, belching, stress, heartburn, indigestion, pain, edema, gout, and irregular bowel movements.  It supports gall bladder function, breaks down food that we eat, cholesterol, protein, and fat.

LIFEGEST multi mineral supplement is a powerful preparation of digestive enzymes that include:

Proteases (promotes tissue repair, healing and build immune system function and counteracts inflammation, pain and edema). 

Amylase (works with proteases to stimulate and build immune system, reduce inflammation and fight infections). 

Lipase (aids in weight control, fights plaque, and supports proper gall bladder function). 

Cellulase (helps digestive problems such as malabsorption). 

Sucrase (beneficial in preventing gastrointestinal disorders & distress). 

Lactase (helps individuals who are lactose intolerant). 

Maltase (helps environmental sensitivities and allergies).  This multi-enzyme combination has a very broad range for digesting various dietary proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. 

It contains Aspergillus Oryzae enzymes, which begin working in the upper stomach, are temporarily inactive in the lower stomach, and return to their fully active state in the intestines to complete the digestive process.

This multi mineral supplement restores digestive enzymes that may be lacking in processed & cooked foods, enhances fat emulsification and helps the body digest both plant & animal foods.  With improved digestion, more nutrients are absorbed in the body, thereby greatly build immune system and Improve Your Health!  

DIRECTIONS: Chew 1-2 tablets immediately before each meal.  
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