Reneu All-In-One Inner Body & Colon Cleanse
Reneu All-In-One Inner Body & Colon Cleanse
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RENEU is an all-in-one inner body colon cleanser health supplement and is one of the products in our best weight loss programs. Reneu is the advanced inner body care solution. It cleanses and detoxifies your body and colon. The average person carries around 7-25 pounds of dried fecal matter in their system and colon. That's why most people have a bulging stomach. Reneu contains Senna, Chinese Rhubarb, and Cascara Sagrada which is a world-class botanical formation for intestinal cleansing, detoxification and elimination that can improve your overall health and wellness. 

RENEU cleanses and detoxifies your body by eliminatining 
poisons and toxins out of your system. Since toxins are everywhere in our environment, they enter our bodies through the air we breathe, water we drink, radiation, cigarette smoke, chemicals in our environment, food laden with pesticides, hormones, and parasites. These toxins build up in time, and slow down your body processes. These toxins rob your body of much-needed nutrients as the body is unable to eliminate the toxins and detoxify your body in a timely manner. The bowels contain toxic materials that may be absorbed through the intestinal wall and carried to other regions of the body.

What would happen if we didn't empty our kitchen garbage can for weeks and kept throwing more and more food on top of the old? Our homes would start smelling like a garbage dump. The same thing happens with a clogged colon. The toxic waste has nowhere to go, so it backs up in your body. 

Lifestyle and nutritional changes must be made in order to begin living a healthier life. Cleansing and detoxification is the essence of improving your health and wellness. 
RENEU is a colon detox and one of the inner body colon cleansers in our weight loss systems that will detoxify your body and cleanse the intestinal system which enhances the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts which optimizes weight control and increases your energy.

Proper bowel function entails 2 to 3 good bowel movements per day. If we eat 3 meals each day and only eliminate once a day, where are the other 2 meals or more hiding? They are in your colon and intestinal system. For proof of this, ask any mother and she will tell you a baby will eat and eliminate immediately! Their new digestive systems have not had the time to get clogged due to a faulty diet, medications and environmental toxins, in addition to an unhealthy lifestyle.  

DIRECTIONS: (For the first 10 days) take 1 to 2 capsules twice daily, 45 minutes after breakfast and at bedtime, with a full glass of water. Start with 1 capsule and increase to 2 capsules as comfortable.

(After 10 days) take 1 or 2 capsules EVERY night at bedtime.

Do a Ten-day cleanse at least twice a year by taking Reneu twice a day. Thereafter, take Reneu EVERY night at bedtime.
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