Trimbolic Fat & Cellulite Fighter
Trimbolic Fat & Cellulite Fighter
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Trimbolic is in one of our best weight loss product to fight fat and cellulite by attacking your surplus of stored fat. Trimbolic is the proprietary blend of special dietary fibers, botanical extracts and isolated food factors, that helps satisfy your appetite and support lean muscle tissue while losing weight. It helps you lose unwanted pounds and inches by binding up harmful dietary fats and speeding their elimination, before they can be absorbed and stored. Trimbolic slows the absorption of sugars and decreases appetite and cravings while helping to support lean muscle tissue. It contains Psyllium Husk which is a natural laxative that promotes weight loss. Once you start using Trimbolic you will burn fat & lose inches like crazy! 

Trimbolic gives you energy and helps satisfy your appetite, so you don't eat unhealthy calorie-laden foods. Trimbolic pulls the surface of fat out of the subcutaneous regions & eliminate pounds of surface cellulite found in the hips, buttocks, arms, belly, and face (jaws). The fiber in Trimbolic helps curb your appetite.

DIRECTIONS FOR TRIMBOLIC: Shake or briskly stir 1 level tablespoon of Trimbolic into 10 oz. of chilled water.  Drink immediately.  Use twice daily, 20 minutes before lunch and dinner.  It can also be used as a snack anytime you are hungry. To lose extra inches sip on TRIMBOLIC in water throughout the day. The more Trimbolic you use, the more inches you will lose.  It has a delicious orange flavor.
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