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We all want to be healthy, look and feel our best. No one really wants to be overweight, but only a small percent of people are able to safely attain and maintain a healthy body weight. Most of us know that carrying extra weight and fat is a health risk. Developing diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are just a few of those risks. However, that is just being a few pounds overweight. Studies show that obesity can take as many as 20 years off your life. Even though most of us know this, it can be very difficult between work, family and everything else to find the time to get the vitamins we need, regularly exercise and eat a healthy diet. When we are young in age, is when food, fat and calories are burned quickly. However, as we age our metabolism naturally slows down. This natural slowing of the metabolism along with so much processed foods and sugary drinks these days, even if you do not over eat, try to eat a healthy balanced diet with lots of nutrition and exercise regularly it can be very difficult to keep a fast metabolism, lose fat, control your hunger, weight and suppress your appetite. When you eat and drink three things can happen to your food and beverage calories:

1. They can supply your body’s energy needs
2. They can be stored away as white fat 
3. If activated they can be burned up by special cells of the body known as brown fat.
We all only have a few ounces of brown fat, however when strong healthy brown fat is maximally stimulated, it can burn off 300 to 500 calories a day all on its own! This is a process called thermogenesis, which means the generation of heat. You want your body’s brown fat in fast fat burning thermogenesis mode, otherwise you are going to store fat and not lose weight. When your body’s brown fat is not activated or in white fat storing mode, instead of fat burning mode you store more fat than you can burn, regardless of your diet or exercise routine. Most appetite and hunger suppressants, metabolism boosting vitamin pills, rapid fat burning supplements, meal replacing shakes, powder smoothie drinks and other quick weight loss products do not allow you to permanently control your weight if your body is storing away calories as white fat instead of burning them.
We all have a programmed special brown fat burning cell or “set point.”  This set point works much like a thermostat in your home to regulate and maintain constant temperature, but with your body, FAT is regulated, not temperature. To increase body temperature, the cells have to rapidly burn calories to make heat. The major fuel for generating heat comes from fat. This brown fat burning cell when activated has two functions, prevent the fats and calories in your diet from being stored as white fat and quickly and safely burn previously stored calories from white fat. However, boosting your body’s metabolism and healthy brown fat on your own through diet and exercise alone is next to impossible and is the reason why there are so many weight loss pills, hunger suppressants, metabolism boosting vitamins, fast fat burning supplements and a variety of other products on the market to help you achieve your weight lose goals. Most weight loss products, even some of the best and strongest supplements, powder drinks and programs such as diet pills, appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters and meal replacement smoothies and shakes, will help you temporarily burn fat and get to a healthy weight and body type. However, at what cost and for how long?
Not all weight loss products and appetite suppressants really work or are created equal. Many people find that they will lose weight when they first start taking a meal replacement shake, smoothie or other powder drink; hunger suppressant, fat burning pill, metabolism boosting vitamin, supplement or other weight loss product, but it doesn’t last. This is called the “YoYo” effect and it is unfortunately very common. The reason is, because the body’s metabolism or brown fat burning set point is never reset. In order for weight loss to be permanent, we have to speed our metabolism and the special brown fat burning cells and set it to burning fat instead of storing it. In order to do that the diet pills, weight loss supplements, shakes, drinks or other fat burning, hunger curbing, or metabolism boosting products need to have ingredients formulated to rapidly kick start your body’s thermogenesis and brown fat burning cells. The best, strongest, safest and fastest weight loss products have ingredients that activate your thermogenesis and allow you to lose weight fast, even without diet and exercise.
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